Sleep Well at Night – Back up your Images

How many times has your computer crashed, frozen or gone nuts? What would happen if a virus spread throughout your hard-drive and you lost everything stored on your computer?

It sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it! But one way to get rid of the nagging ‘what if’ doubts, is to simply back up your copies so you have a duplicate version kept on external hard drive or stored on individual CD/DVD’s; memory sticks are another easily portable option.

It sounds like a tedious task, but if you’re serious about preserving your digital images, it’s the only safe way of being assured you’ll have them for longer than today.

There are many external hard-drives capable of storing 100,000 images including videos and the prices appear to be dropping every year. And if you’re saving onto DVD or CD, you might want to see if they’re archival quality – many are lasting for only 5 years.

From personal experience, I can highly recommend that you duplicate all your digital images, and store one copy away from home so if there’s a fire, you have a back-up. You can keep the spare copy in the garage, at work or at another family members’ house. Keep a back up copy at home too. Even the brightest of us can make stupid mistakes and delete files by mistake. Having an extra copy elsewhere is a life saver!

Copy images by year or subject – however you file your digital pictures. If they’re saved by year, it means you only need to copy the current year each month instead of starting from scratch.


Keran Barrett February 27, 2013 Blog, Digital ideas