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    • Courses are grouped by theme into Short Courses of 4-6 weeks. so you can focus on specific topics of interest to you.
    • Each week you’ll receive an e-class giving detailed information about how you can preserve your memories through photographs or digital images.
    • Courses are designed for projects you can either complete quickly, or to help break down a big project into smaller, achievable steps so you have a methodical path to follow.
    • Most tutorials are designed so you can take action immediately. Some might take a little more time depending on your existing knowledge or the complexity of the project you want to undertake.

Your feedback is welcome – so please let me have any ideas for further courses.

The Business Photo Book

Why create a Business Photo Book?

    Pictorial resume

    • Sole trader or Small business – Show and Tell – A book to document the growth of your business. You might be a sole trader, or a small business with one or 75 employees. This can be useful to plot the business growth and recognise its beginnings. How many of your staff know how your business was founded? Get their contributions too. Sole traders are often ‘head cook and bottle washer’ – why not document your achievements and how you got where you are. A Business Photo Book is much more personal for your customers or clients than a brochure. Use it as a visual resume.
    • Managing family businessA Family affair – For a family-run business it can be a great opportunity to have all ‘records’ in one place. Get all family members to contribute their stories and ideas as often we forget day-to-day decisions and events. Pool memories, photographs and other memorabilia relevant to your business.
    • Woman photographerJust for you and a Legacy for your family – Create a photo book purely for you that documents your working life. Whether you’re actively working, or retired it’s the perfect method to gather together important memories that rattle around in your head, on your computer and in boxes and in drawers.

Course duration: 5 weeks

How to Organise Photographs

How to Organise Photographs and Create a Memory Album

Sharing good timesLearn how to create lasting, meaningful photograph albums, and find out how you store them in appropriate albums so your pictures and memories will last.

If you have many photographs and don’t know where to start, I have a great method to share with you for planning and finishing your albums FAST.

Not sure what to write with your photographs? Learn quick, easy, enjoyable methods that fit your own style. And find out where to buy all the tools you need to start – and complete – projects. You won’t look back!

Course duration: 5 weeks

Organising Digital Images

shutterstock_64719724 Digital ImagesLearn how to Organise & Edit your digital images. Understand how to name and file images so you can find them and know what they are. Learn how to do the editing basics  – cropping, red-eye, straightening, light adjustment and more. This course illustrates using free programs for both PC and Mac.

Course duration: 5 weeks

Create a Digital Album

Following on from ‘Organising & Editing Digital Images’ course. Now your digital images are all sorted, organised, cropped and edited, why not learn how to create an online album that Detail of open bookyou can have printed as a hard copy book or photo album? Don’t let those great memories and pictures sit on your computer where you rarely look at them. Create something to sit on the coffee table to share with friends and family – your own ‘show and tell’! Or tuck it away on a shelf to pull out for your own nostalgia.

The 48-Hour Album

The 48-Hour AlbumThat’s right – learn how to put together a photograph album for a specific occasion in just 48 hours! You can do it in less but this method allows for unforeseen events. It’s the perfect gift for a wedding, birthday, special occasion, for someone with you for a short stay – or just because. Unique, meaningful, and unforgettable.

Acknowledgement Album

Write_from_the_Heart Grief, Redundancy and Divorce – they all share a sense of loss.Whether it’s a loss through the passing of a loved one or a treasured pet who was part of the family, we often need to acknowledge their life and their meaning to us. Being made redundant can leave feelings of anger, resentment and confusion, masking the positive contribution that was made. And divorce leaves such a mine-field of emotions it can be hard to know where to separate them out.Loss often needs to be acknowledged some how – let me show you how you can find some order in the chaos, words that need to be expressed, and love that can be retained – if not for others then it must be there for ourselves. This is a powerful album that can help reclaim the ‘good’ without negating the ‘bad’.Albums come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick the one that suits you most – from one that’s small and simple, to a medium easy-to-handle size, or a larger volume for many photos and stories. The choice is yours.

Gardening Album

Why not create a Garden Photo Book?Regardless of how big or small your garden is,  a Gardening Album is a treasure trove of information. Here you can photograph your progress, your triumphs and mistakes. All those ‘dream garden’ pictures can also go in here. And the knowledge that you’re gaining, the interesting places you’ve been with friends or colleagues can all find a home here. As a qualified horticulturist with a garden that I love seeing change through the years and seasons,  I’d be delighted to help you. A Gardening Album is a valuable testimony for  home gardeners, amateur and professional designers, landscapers and landscape designers alike.

The Book Of Me

Once you’ve completed a ‘Photographs’ or ‘Digital’ course with me, learn how to create an album all about you – no, it’s not a narcissistic idea, but one that celebrates yourWas this really me? life, loves, achievements, the era you grew up in, the values and lessons you were taught – and it’s a wonderful way of reminiscing. Think of it as a biography but more fun.

I’ll show you how to break this project down in to enjoyable, do-able stages, how to jog your memory and find facts to help with your framework. Learn how to write with kindness and love, even about difficult times. And you get to add what you want – be selective, be all encompassing – the choice is yours.

“Julie Ross, Sydney, NSW – “I was overwhelmed with my photos after getting married and having 2 children, but Keran was able to help make sense of them all and she helped me find a starting and ending point for each album.  After learning how to ‘power sort’ I was able to get my many photos into order and then into albums.  Keran was also able to give me pointers on how to write my thoughts down about the photos.  I now have some wonderful albums that my kids just love to look at.”.
Jennifer Bennett, Cromer NSW – I found Keran such a great help with my album layouts and colours, and how to journal. I think she’s a natural because of her background in working in magazines. She helps and encourages me so I can’t wait to complete my albums.


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