Create a Board on Pinterest of Favourite Visuals

What’s Pinterest you might be asking? In case you haven’t heard about it, Pinterest is a place where you can pin all those images that you might pull out of a magazine – a recipe, a house of your dreams, a pair of shoes, a holiday destination… instead of putting them in a folder or on the fridge or notice-board, you ‘pin’ them onto a virtual board.

If you have a hobby, it’s a great resource for seeing what others are collecting or using for inspiration, as well as sharing your own ideas. To add pictures to your own boards you re-pin from other boards, pin them from websites as well as being able to upload your own digital images. You can follow people or their boards, and others can follow you to see what you’re pinning.

The possibilities are endless for sharing. It’s fun, especially if you’re a visual person. And many images lead you to where you can buy or see many of the items that are being ‘pinned’.

So why not share that great sunset picture from your holiday, or the beach where you walked, or the snowcapped mountains on your travels… take pictures of your cake decorating… To join, simply sign up online. For help in getting started, click on this link: Getting Started: Pinterest Basics

There is another site called ‘The Fancy’ but personally, I feel more like I’m browsing around a shopping centre rather than a creative magazine.

Pinterest Boards


Keran Barrett March 20, 2013 Blog, Digital ideas