Create a Stunning Canvas Print from your Photos

Capture family moments and create your own picture wall.

Design a unique display that suits your home, reminds you of the good times, or give a canvas print as a gift.

The possibilities are endless. Canvas prints can be a single image on a single canvas, or multiple images on a single canvas. For our first wedding anniversary, I created a memory board with half a dozen images that typified our day. It hangs in the hallway where it can be walked past without being centre stage, and it’s lovely to stop every now and then and reflect on the joyous day we had. AND we don’t have to keep getting our wedding album out to show people – the pictures are right there.

Most of the time we think of printing pictures of family but don’t forget scenic or close-up shots.

Have you been to some of the large department or furniture stores and seen their display of canvas prints? It’s tempting to buy one of these ‘off the rack’ pieces but just how many other people have the same item?

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take the type of images used here.

Print them at a size that suits the room, your budget and the quality of the images.


Many photography stores on-line or canvas printing outlets offer a wide range of sizes.