Create a small meaningful Photo Album

Tip: Keep it small. Don’t think that because you’ve taken 2,000 digital images on a holiday, that you have to something with all of them. It can be too overwhelming and end up by being something you put off doing. So why not capture the highlights and create just a small photo album.

Even if an album hamall is good for some albumss only 25 pictures in it, you can summarise the whole event in a glance.

If you create the album on line, because you only need to put the effort into making it once, you can easily order multiple copies and give them as gifts to Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents, Godparents, Friends and other family members… especially after a celebration or event such as a christening, wedding, holiday, school reunion, special birthday or a summary of the year. Think how delighted they would be, and what a cherished memento!

Why not create a mini-album on each family member for a birthday or Christmas gift? It’s sure to be unique and will create the opportunity to share feelings that often we don’t take the time or the risk, to express. Simply saying, Thank you, I Love You, I appreciate you, or I enjoy your Friendship can be a powerful gift to give – and to receive.

I created a small album for my niece containing pictures of her and her first love – she cried so much when she opened it (not my intention!) and she’ll now add to it herself.

I’d just love to show you how to create a gift album… just click here if you’d like to know more.