Create a Digital Photo Frame Display

Normally we have pictures hung on our walls, or framed photographs sitting on our shelves and desks.

With modern technology, you can now enjoy the same picture – and much more! A digital photo frame allows you to have multiple pictures stored within it (upto 1,000 depending on the memory capabilities of the frame and the resolution of the images). The screen can be static, or slowly revolve through the images.

Depending on how much you’ve got to spend, frames have a range of features that include calendar; clock; mini remote control allowing you to change the photo, zoom in, rotate the image and more; built–in speaker with audio for playing background music with the photo slideshow. Frames are available in a whole range of colours – black or white, silver, wood or bright pinks, blues and more.

This is a great storage idea too, particularly if you’re short of space and don’t have room for many pictures all displayed in individual frames.

You also have the option to stand your picture frame vertically or horizontally or mount it on your wall. Some now have split screen functionality allowing you to display several pictures at once.


Keran Barrett February 6, 2013 Blog