Excuse for a Weekend away… Scrapbooking immersion

Don’t you find life gets so busy that it can be hard to fit everything in? If you’ve got a backlog of photographs or digital images that need putting into order or albums, how about a weekend away so you can get it done? Each year I love going away with a couple of girlfriends to a Cropping Weekend. They’re held in a variety of locations. We get fed from Friday night to Sunday lunchtime, sleep over and go to bed when we’re tired.

Last weekend about 45 of us headed for The Collaroy Centre, run by The Salvation Army on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney (last time we went to the Hunter Valley, NSW). The accommodation was clean and comfortable, the food plentiful and tasty (yummy morning and afternoon teas included) and the views were stunning.

We were a mixed bunch – a large Polish contingent made everything from photo albums, to cards to knitted hats; a core group of us created Simple Pages and Finished Albums – I completed 80 pages (12 x 12) with most of my journalling too! It was wonderful re-living a recent overseas holiday through my photos, and writing down the stories while they were still fresh – PLUS I meet some delightful fellow croppers who I hope to see again. I always learn something new, get to swap ideas and just meet some really nice people! One lady I met, only does her digital picture organising and on-line holiday albums at these weekends, so she only needs to bring her laptop and Lonely Planet guidebook as a prompter.

There’s something enjoyable about doing activities with friends, but you don’t have to go far a field to do it. Organising a whole day at your house, a local community centre, or a meeting room where you work, is another easy way of setting aside regular time to complete albums. Three of us do this several times a year – a great reason to get together, and we’ve got to know each other on another level through sharing our photographs. There’s a different dynamic and friendship somehow.

How do you organise activities – have you a favourite place you go away to, or could go to?

Scrapbooking weekend Scrapbooking weekend Scrapbooking weekend