Faking it… Right or wrong?

Okay, so the safari didn’t quite yield the close up shots you were hoping for… And the rough weather on the cruise made that particular holiday one to talk about for years for all the wrong reasons… As for the view from the top of the cable car obliterated by fog in Switzerland, the less said the better.

If you didn’t get to see everything the brochures promised, should that stop you from including fantastic photographs in your album? I think not.

Okay, so you saw a lion but couldn’t capture it professionally, but the magic was still there of the experience. And the postcards in Italy told the story of the villages in more appealing weather – after the sea sickness had worn off.  The fog lifted briefly and glimpses could be seen of the mountainous slopes of the Alps – and lower down it was fine, and the taste of glühwein still lingers.

These are your memories – present them in any way you want..

But I have to say, you were so brave to get THAT close to the lion!