Creative Memories Consultant needed?

Do you have Creative Memories tools but can’t remember how to use them… did you buy on impulse and then have them sit there?

I can help – learn again on-line in the comfort of your home and rewind lessons again and again. Use the tools you’ve bought – don’t waste your hard earnt money. These tools are great!

The home classes are an excellent way to be introduced to Creative Memories, but if you went as a friend of a friend and loved what you saw, bought a kit, but then were left wondering what to do next…. I’d love to help you.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can easily learn as my online classes demonstrate how to use various tools, how to simply and easily put together your albums. These are long lasting quality tools, so don’t let them gather dust, or be a frustration.

Drop me a line if you’ve got any queries at

What have you bought that you’ve forgotten how to use? Or if you don’t have an active consultant near you, I’d be glad to help.



Keran Barrett March 27, 2013 Blog