Kick ass challenge!

Flickr pic: sfredrick1


We’ve all had them… what have you done? And who knows about them and what you went through?

It seems so stupid looking back. I was moving into a flat on the 4th floor of a building overlooking the picturesque wharf at Manly in Sydney. The external walkway ran around the outside of the building – and I realised I was scared of heights! So I learnt how to abseil.

Shortly after, I persuaded a group of girlfriends to go abseiling – we’d all gone through some ‘life challenges’ and I figured if we could abseil down this enormous, spine-chilling drop in the Blue Mountains, we could face anything in life. What a day! Full of laughs and adrenalin. And the company motto ‘Feel the Fear, Do it Anyway’ was apt.

Abseiling Photograph Album Journalling

These are the sorts of experiences I must write about with my photographs as the pictures alone don’t tell the whole story. From the photos of us girls smiling, looking as though we hadn’t got a care in the world you’d never know that we were all petrified – but determined.

What about you? What have you done?

(Skydiving picture: by kind permission Sfredrick)