Preparing to meet the new dog…










I love this! And I love cats.

Did you know that scrapbooks and photograph albums aren’t just about people – I’ve written about my cats, Bandicoote (mistaken identity being a new arrival to Australia and she should have been called MeerKat long before they were popular), Fido (because he thought he was so so cool – just like the SevenUp character ‘Fido Dido’), and Joe (another wascally ginger tom).

FidoAnd also Tyrrell (yup, named after a winery), and Possum (who was sublimely pretty). Bandicoote and Fido lasted until they were both 17 years old… miss them still and swear on some days I can hear the catflap bang. Strange, I don’t have a catflap any more.

So are you a cat person, or dog person?