Robert Redford is HOW old?

‘The Company You Keep’ is an interesting movie from a number of angles. Its backdrop is the anti-Vietnam war campaigners in the last 1960’s/eaerly 1970’s, and footage shows a period of time that affected many people and provoked strong reactions.

What will you look back on as being those moments in life that were defining, influential or historic?

Do you have photographs, newspaper cuttings, anecdotes or opinions?

These memories make up who we are and are legacies for future generations to learn about from us – not just the facts and figures, but how we felt about them and why. Do you know what your parents or grandparents really thought or felt during their 20’s or 30’s?

And, as for how old Robert Redford is… he’s an incredible 76 years old. Not only does he act in this movie, but he produced and directed it too. Do you think it’s hard for a public figure to ‘grow old gracefully’ or be defiantly ‘young at heart’? Here’s a man who keeps redefining himself and the picture of ‘old age’. And not only does Robert Redford have the grey hair and wrinkles to contend with, but public commentary too! What are YOUR attitudes and strategies for getting older?