Taking Candid Wedding Photos

There was an interesting TV show called ‘Photo Finish’ where three different amateur photographers were given a different challenge each week. I thought there were some great tips given on how to capture a wedding day – right from the preparations, to ceremony and the reception.

Wedding FigurinesBest tip – get a group together and once ‘the shot’ has been taken, everyone immediately and instinctively relaxes – and THAT’S the time to grab those candid, natural memories.

Interaction tip – stand back and be more of an observer, rather than being ‘in’ the event; keep low key and don’t overwhelm children if you have a loud personality – get down to their level, and allow them to shine or just be.

Final tip – take pictures of personal elements – details of flowers, close-ups of people, and small but important details such as the rings or wedding dress fabric.

What have you found works? Did you capture a great shot by taking a different approach?